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About was unwittingly started over twenty years ago as a medical student gained an appreciation of the study exercises that proved most effective in mastering the material. A journey to find a better way to teach particularly difficult material was started and creative methods were developed. Today, is an integrated suite of comprehensive learning devices that serves as your personal anytime, anywhere, medical tutor. Books, posters, and web-based interactive applications are utilized to introduce, simplify, and reinforce complex information. In fact, the self-study system is so novel that a patent is pending on it. is committed to finding the most effective way to present clinically relevant information and is in a constant search for new and innovative methods to do so. An invitation is open to all users to submit ideas, study exercises, or mnemonics and credit will be given for any material used. The goal is to remain in a constant state of improvement so that stands as the best self-study learning system available. Whether used as a preparatory instrument, a compliment to medical education, or a means to maintain a substantial knowledge base years after a formal education, is here to be your partner in a lifetime of learning.

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